Univbrands is based on a simple principle.

The best way to learn brand building communication is the same way that you learn to ride a bicycle.

You learn by doing. No lectures. No theory. No classrooms. You learn on the job.

And the amazing thing is that most of this "on-the-job" guidance is done through the internet. You can even "earn-as-you-learn". Or you can opt for a live workshop.

Take your pick of any of our "on-the-job" courses, or workshops. (services)

Univbrands can customise its training for people who are new to brand building (beginners), people who want to improve their skills (learners) and people who already know about brand building but recognize that they can always improve (advanced). We just put you on a different level of bicycle.

The training can be done anywhere in the world.

The fee structure is simple. If you want live workshops itís US$ 1500 a day. Plus travel and stay.

If you want to learn online itís $ 2000 per "on-the-job" project. Invariably the project pays for the "training", because Univbrands shows you how to make much more money "on-the-job" than the fees you pay.

50% of the fee is payable in advance. The balance if the "training" is successful.

Ask any of these clients who have found Univbrands has helped their people learn to master the "brand building motorcycle".


There's a simple reason why Univbrands is known as the world's smallest "learn-by-earning" university.

Most of the people who have "graduated" learned by earning on the job.

And the entire "university" fits into the founder director's hand held communicator. It travels with Sumit Roy wherever he is in the world.

You can reach him at (+91) 9831171401
or at mobike@gmail.com

The snail mail address is: Univbrands
14/8 Sunny Apartments, 6 Sunny Park, Ballygunge, Kolkata 700019, India.
Mobile : (+91) 9831171401. Phone : (+91 33) 2485 8402.