If you are unsure of what the term "brand" means you are a beginner.

One of the advantages of opting to learn as a "beginner" is that the Univbrands faculty promises to use no marketing jargon at all during the training.

After you earn your license to ride the "brand building motorcycle" we will tell you how to throw around marketing jargon to impress everyone, if you like.

Actually you won't need to impress anyone. Your business results will speak for themselves.

Choose from any of these courses :

How to start a new business
How to make an existing business successful
21st Century Brand Planning How to create new advertising for your business

How to befriend your customers
ow to generate word-of-mouth
How to use events to promote your business
How to make money while promoting your business

­Personal skills training
How to generate new ideas for your business
How to make sure you always win
How to make an impressive presentation