Negotiation Skills

The secret of a good negotiation is to come up with a strategy where everybody wins. Univbrands specializes in training people to come up with win-win solutions so essential for successful marketing.

What you learn:

  1. How to build trust
  2. How to make sure the other side wins
  3. How to make sure you win too
  4. How to come up with the second win-win solution
  5. How to know when to walk away
  6. How to create a safety net for yourself
  7. How to use questions to open, test and close the negotiation
  8. How to listen actively
  9. How to use body language
  10. How to build trust even after a successful negotiation

Course duration :

Live "learn-by-doing" workshop:
2 days          Fees $ 3000         Up to 40 people
Travel, stay and workshop facilities at actuals.

"Earn-as-you-learn" web based training : Fees : $ 1000 for 5 hours of online training plus e-mail based interaction over one to two weeks. This may change depending on when your "live negotiation" needs to be completed. Up to three team members can be trained simultaneously. The online course does not cover "listening skills" and the use of "body language".

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