Presentation Skills

This is the only one of the courses that Univbrands offers that does not (yet) have an "online" version. That's because the training requires that the participant(s) make at least four presentations in the presence of the faculty. At least two of the presentations are videotaped and played back for the benefit of the participant.

What you learn:

  1. How to hold the attention of your audience
  2. How to construct a presentation and AIM for the OIC effect (Oh, I see!)
  3. How to make five minutes work like fifty
  4. How to use visual aids
  5. How to involve your audience
  6. How to rehearse your presentation
  7. How to read your audience's body language
  8. How to handle questions
  9. How to create a checklist for before, during and after your presentation
  10. How to leave a lasting impression

Special options : How to sell "TV scripts" or How to make "numbers" look attractive.

Course duration :

Live "learn-by-doing" workshop:
2 days          Fees $ 3000         Up to 15 people
Travel, stay and workshop facilities at actuals. A video camera and playback equipment is needed to record the participants' presentations.

Univbrands runs a one-day workshop for senior managers designed to groom them for "board level presentations" or for formal presentations to large groups. $ 1500 for up to six people at the same level of seniority.

Univbrands also undertakes private coaching for individuals to prepare them for an important presentation. $ 1500 per day. Usually takes two half-day sessions.

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