Relationship Marketing

This course gets you back to the basics of making a customer a friend and a champion of your brand.

What you learn:

  1. How to think of your customers as your biggest asset
  2. How to decide how much to spend to have a "lifetime customer"
  3. How to attract prospects
  4. How to make the prospect a friend
  5. How to make the friend a customer
  6. How to make the customer a champion of the brand
  7. How much should you spend on building relationships with your customers?
  8. How to measure the effectiveness of your relationship marketing program
  9. How to make every marketing initiative a market research tool
  10. How to help your customers get you more customers

Course duration :

Live "learn-by-doing" workshop:
2 days          Fees $ 3000          Up to 40 people
Travel, stay and workshop facilities at actuals.

"Earn-as-you-learn" web based training : Fees: $ 2000 for 10 hours of online training plus e-mail based interaction over five to ten weeks. This may change depending on when you can launch your relationship marketing program. Up to ten team members can be trained simultaneously on the same project.

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