Self Financing Promotions

Most people believe that you have to spend money to promote your business. But by identifying a truly big brand building idea you can earn money while promoting your business. This course shows you how.

What you learn:

  1. How to identify a promotional idea that pays for itself
  2. How to enlist the help of the "friends of your brand"
  3. How to generate a checklist of things to do before, during and after the promotion
  4. How to prioritize and delegate activities
  5. How to create the communication that will attract your audience
  6. How to ensure your audience "spreads the good word"
  7. Why it is wise to repeat a successful promotion
  8. How to keep the promotion fresh year after year

Course duration :

Live "learn-by-doing" workshop:
2 days          Fees $ 3000         Up to 40 people
Travel, stay and workshop facilities at actuals.

"Earn-as-you-learn" web based training : Fees : $ 2000 for 10 hours of online training plus e-mail based interaction over three to five weeks. This may change depending on when you need to run your promotion. Up to ten team members can be trained simultaneously on the same project.

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