We like to customise the training to your particular needs. So whether you feel you are a beginner, a learner or advanced we can customise the learning process for you.

Choose from "learn-by-doing" live workshops or "earn-as-you-learn" web based courses.

Learn-by-doing workshops : The methodology used is simple. No lectures, no theory. The faculty takes the participants through a series of interactive exercises designed to get the participant to master that particular skill. You learn the same way that you learn to ride a bicycle or a motorcycle. You learn by doing.

Earn-as-you-learn web based courses : It's the same content as the workshops but with an additional twist. This time it's "on-the-job" training supervised by the faculty. You bring along a real world project and the faculty shows you how to be successful step by careful step. The guidance is provided through e-mail and online conferences. If you succeed you pay the full fees.

Choose the area of your interest and write to us at mobike@gmail.com

Launching a brand
Relaunching a brand
21st Century Brand Planning Creating a new campaign

Relationship Marketing
Word-of-Mouth Marketing
Event Based Marketing
Self Financing Promotions

Personal skills training
Idea Generation Skills
Negotiation Skills
Presentation Skills

If you find there is something on brand communication that is not covered here, please do still write to us. It may just be a difference in terminology. For example "Relationship Marketing" covers a lot that you might think of as "Direct Marketing".