Word-of-mouth Marketing

Good ideas are contagious. This course shows you how to present the idea so that it spreads by word of mouse. The principles of this course can be applied to offline marketing as well.

What you learn:

  1. How to identify the win-win idea for your brand
  2. How to express the idea so that it is easy to spread through the net
  3. How much should you invest in "word-of-mouth" marketing?
  4. How to reach a "critical mass of consumers-who-know"
  5. How to ensure that the brand stays on top of your consumer's minds

Course duration :

Live "learn-by-doing" workshop:
1 day          Fees $ 1000         Up to 40 people
Travel, stay and workshop facilities at actuals.

"Earn-as-you-learn" web based training : Fees : $ 500 for 5 hours of online training plus e-mail based interaction over three to five weeks. This may change depending on when your campaign needs to break. Up to ten team members can be trained simultaneously on the same project.

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